My dad was very proud of his website and his stories.  He checked his website frequently and in particular, checked the guestbook every day.  He would have loved to have replied himself.  While he was alive, he answered every guestbook entry in his former website address of  You can also look up George Kuzara at  I've uploaded everything he and I researched about the Kuzara heritage, including birthdates, deaths, etc.


I had to move everything to this server and the URL of so I could preserve the heritage of his stories for generations to come.  His former URL of somehow became disabled so if you went there, and then stumbled upon this website, you're in the right place!!!


I welcome your thoughts, comments, memories about my dad, or personal contact requests. Please use the contact form above to get in touch.


Thanks for visiting!  My dad would have been very pleased to share it with you. 



Lisa Kuzara Bradford

George Kuzara's daughter and

the Keeper of His Stories




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  • Janet Kuzara kilpatrick (Friday, April 01 16 11:08 am EDT)

    Would be interested in contact with you. I live in Sedona; have no facebook. I knew your parents well.

  • Julie (Friday, February 12 16 11:04 pm EST)

    Great stories! We're moving to Wyoming and my friend Brian Kuzara told me I should go look up the town.

  • Don Gallinat (Wednesday, May 06 15 03:01 pm EDT)

    Thanks for sharing this history. My grandfather was john E Kuzara, I think an uncle of your dad. My mother was Mary Kuzara Gallinat, born 1920.

  • Rene Kalso-Samet (Monday, May 04 15 07:19 am EDT)

    Wow this is amazing! I had no idea it existed,thank you Nadine for stirring me here. I am Rene' Gallinat Kalso-Samet and am the Granddaughter of John Kuzara born in 1900. I have lots of written notes
    from my grandpa of his life but have yet to actually wrote them out. This is inspiring.
    Thank you.

  • Mallory M. (Friday, March 27 15 04:35 am EDT)

    Hi Lisa,

    I just stumbled upon your site tonight when I was looking up family names. My great-grandmother was Rose Kuzara from Sheridan. I am pretty sure we are distantly related! I am looking forward to
    reading up on some of the information you have on here. I love reading finding out more about my family history. One day, I will have more time to do further research.

  • Dea Elysia Kollekowski (Sunday, March 01 15 01:16 pm EST)

    I\'m Elizabeth Kuzara\'s daughter. Several years ago she and your father were in communication. I tried to contact him after she passed but was never able to get in touch. I\'m so sorry to hear he
    has since passed. Whenever he and my mom would talked I would always chat with him about Boulder, CO because I was going to college there. So glad I stubbled upon this. Hope all is well!