Click on the links above under the Legacy category to find the individual biographies and memories of Robinson, Egbert and Kuzara ancestors.  They have wonderful stories to tell.  They were courageous, inventive, entrepreneurial pioneers at a unique time in our American history.  They have left a legacy that lives on in our individual lives, even though we aren't aware of it.  It might be in that twinkle in your eye, your lop-sided smile, your musical talent, how brave you are when faced with danger, or the very fact that you are here.  Our ancestors immigrated to America and that's why YOU are reading this right now.  How very special to know that they are living on in our lives, in our thoughts and in our dreams.  They are the unknown heroes who's lives prepared us for our time, and who would now, be so very satisfied to know that we have turned out so well.... that the genetics and experiences that they passed on to us, lives on in us, and in their children's children's children's children... all future generations.


It should be noted for future generations, that the Kuzaras, through Violette Egbert, carry a genetic predispostion for Type II Diabetes, Macular Degeneration, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.   There is significant longevity despite these health conditions.  Violette Egbert Kuzara Townsend lived to be 95.  Edna Sylvia Rice Robinson lived to be 102.  Stanley Kuzara lived well into his 90's.  George Kuzara lived to be 87.  There is no known predisposition for cancer.  In the last 3 generations, there have been no deaths from cancer or other inherited diseases or birth defects.  Oliver Robinson and his oldest son died from cancer, but that was believed to be because they used DDT liberally while ranching in South Dakota.  It was not known as a carcinogen at that time.  There is also a rare, harmless genetic skin condition called Viteligo in which some areas on the body do not produce pigment, resulting in white patches.  There is a very strong expression of musical talent from the Rice women through Edna Robinson.  The first George Kuzara who emigrated from Poland was a known musician as well.


For those descendents who find these stories, I have uploaded the genealogies that were left to me at  I have entrusted these pages, this website to my niece Kara Abruscato, but there will need to be Kuzaras who will carry on.  This is your name, your history, your legacy.  It will be up to you to carry on, to add your stories, and to be the keeper of these memtories.  Please leave a message in the contact area if you think you would like to carry on the function as curator of the Kuzara cyber museum.  You will need to be a direct descendant of George Kuzara, knowledgable about computers and computer systems, and in love with the stories in these pages. You will need to be able to create back-up files.    You should want to continue the story. 


And to you who keep these stories alive... thank you.  My father would be so pleased.  And I am very proud of you!  Remember that you will need to keep an eye out for someone to take over for you because.... the stories should be preserved and carried on... for they belong to you now... they are your legacy to your children, and to your children's children.


Lisa Kuzara Bradford