A person walks---or runs---through life---taking steps down one path, or the other---choosing their own, unique direction---experiencing success or failure. Each step leaves footprints of memories---some good and bad.

Stories are made of many kinds of memories. There is the actual memory, but a childhood memory can be like looking at several pictures---very few details---just knowing that it happened.
Then---memories are acquired after the incident. Each retelling in later years by an adult witness or participant, adds to the memory.

Lastly---facts can be added to the memory. Returning to the locale of a memory can fill in the background and physical features.

All of these different inputs make up the whole memory and the whole story, as related.

Most footprints are blown away by the winds of time, but some remain, etched into our memories---the fabric, of which, stories are made. These are stories that everyone has---stories worth the telling.